SAE Flange

SAE flange fittings are generally used for connections to valves, inline instruments or equipment nozzles. Two surfaces are joined tightly together with threaded bolts, wedges, clamps, or other means of applying high compressive force.[15] Although a gasket, packing, or O-ring may be installed between the flanges to prevent leakage, it is sometimes possible to use only a special grease or nothing at all (if the mating surfaces are sufficiently precisely formed). A complete set of SAE flanges are combination of flat side and oring side where it forms a seal between the flat surface and oring held in a recessed circular groove in the other half. By tightening the bolts, it draws flat side and oring side together and compresses the oring. Although flange fittings are bulky, they perform well in demanding applications such as large water supply networks and hydroelectric systems. SAE flanges are normally supplied for oil hydraulic systems in extensive range such as shipbuilding, oil and gas, mobile hydraulic systems and where there is a passage of oil.

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